Staff and student hang art at RMS

Vision Statement


All members of the Goodwin University Magnet School System are empowered to advocate for a just and sustainable world while developing competencies for future success within a transformative PreK-early college system.

Mission Statement

The Goodwin University Magnet School System breaks down barriers while celebrating the many talents within our community. Partnering with families, educators, and the community, we challenge our scholars to take ownership of their learning through authentic, innovative pathways.

Exposure - Riverside Magnet School

The Goodwin University Magnet School System provides a cohesive and rigorous pre-K through 12 experience. Scholars are challenged through rich, diverse project-based learning opportunities at all levels. At Riverside Magnet School, scholars are exposed to a wide range of STEM fields through engaging investigations and inquiry.

Exploration - Connecticut River Academy Middle School

As a small school of less than 200 scholars, CTRA Middle School offers a safe and welcoming environment while providing access to the resources of a university campus. At CTRA Middle Level, scholars apply critical thinking skills and utilize prior learning to further explore STEM fields. Scholars are prepared to identify a meaningful pathway for their discovery and research as they transition to high school.

Experience - Connecticut River Academy High School

Located on the Goodwin University campus, high school students access dual enrollment and Advanced Placement courses, a state-of-the-art manufacturing center, and a research vessel for use on the Connecticut River. Through innovative curriculum and engaging teaching practices, CTRA high school scholars experience personalized learning pathways through job shadowing, internships, and apprenticeships.

Emergence - Early College Advanced Manufacturing Pathway (ECAMP)

Located in a state-of-the art manufacturing center on the Goodwin University campus, ECAMP is a dual enrollment, early college half day program that is designed for high school seniors looking to pursue careers in production. With options to attend in either a morning or afternoon cohort, our rigorous 21-credit program prepares scholars for success in industry by providing them with immediately applicable, on-the-job knowledge and skills, including blueprint reading, manufacturing math, lean manufacturing principles, CNC machining, and many others.  All program participants have the opportunity for placement in a paid industry pre-apprenticeship during school hours.  Upon successful completion of the program, graduates receive an industry-recognized certification from the Department of Labor, equivalent to 200 hours towards a first apprenticeship in manufacturing.

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